Icelandic Association for Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies

About the association
The Icelandic Association for Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies (IACBT) was founded in 1986 and in its early years was firmly rooted in the behavioral tradition and its mission was to advance the study and application of behavioral therapies. Over the past 20 years the association has grown with over 100 members, mostly psychologists, and its emphasis has changed as well. Today, the association  consists of professionals who are interested in promoting and advancing the Cognitive and Behavioral Therapies in practice and in theory. The association offers special training for professionals in the methods of Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy in association with the Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center (OCTC). In addition, the association offers continuing education for its member and has been ardent in offering prominent lecturers to visit Iceland. The association also has a duty to the public, and one of its aims is to publish literature for laymen. The association is a member of the European Association for the Cognitve and Behavioral Therapies and hosted the 41st Annual Congress of EABCT in Reykjavík, Iceland in September 2011.

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Official address:
Hamraborg 11
200 Kópavogur

Sjöfn Evertsdóttir

Sjöfn Evertsdóttir